IS THE CURE WORSE THAN THE DISEASE?  Should we continue lockdown? Should we open-up? How can we safely open-up? This is the endless COVID-19 debate among public officials, citizens, business, health and medical personnel, and researchers.  This debate has been fueled by the lack of COVID -19 planning models which can accurately predict the spread of this disease and determine the RISKs associated with various reopening strategies.  Our COVID-19 DECISION MODEL is different and can do so.

The CDM is a sophisticated tool, implementing a Monte Carlo analysis engine utilizing an agent-based discrete time-modeling approach that correlates well with actual COVID-19 data.  The input parameters are matched to data that describe demographics and disease characteristics.  The CDM tool is unique and can model the dynamics of a virus spread from beginning to end, allowing us to gauge the effects of mitigation measures over time.  We can assess the risk of a second wave or the vulnerability of a community to reinfection.  Our data-driven dynamic analysis approach can be easily calibrated against known data and provide insights which can help shape reasonable public policy.

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