About Us

George Delgado, MD, FAAFP

Dr. George Delgado is the president of Steno Institute, a nonprofit research institute established in 2018.  Additionally, he is the medical director of of Culture of Life Family Health Care in San Diego County. Dr. Delgado received his medical degree from the University of California, Davis and completed his residency at Santa Monica Hospital/UCLA. He is board certified in family medicine and in hospice and palliative medicine.


John Safranek, MD, PhD

John Safranek has a medical degree from the University of Nebraska School of Medicine and a Doctorate from Catholic University of America. He has been practicing emergency medicine for 30 years and is the author of The Myth of Liberalism: An Account of Freedom (CUA Press, 2015) and numerous scholarly articles and book reviews.

Bill Goyette, BS, MSEE

Bill Goyette has more than 36 years experience in the aerospace industry and is a Technical Fellow. He holds a dozen US Patents and has managed a department of over 100 Radio Frequency (RF) engineers. Bill has led a variety of product development efforts. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics from the University of San Francisco and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.  Bill has worked for Hughes Aircraft, TRW and Northrop Grumman.

Richard Spady, PhD

Richard holds BA degrees in Economics and Philosophy from Haverford College and a PhD in Economics from MIT.He is currently a Research Professor of Economics at Johns Hopkins University since 2010 and Senior Research Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford since 1999.He was a Member of Technical Staff, Economics Research Group, for AT&T Bell Laboratories and Bell Communications Research.His key research areas of interest are econometrics, empirical political science, empirical IO, and finance.Richard is the author of numerous scholarly articles and papers as well as the following books:The American Political Landscape, with Byron Shafer, Harvard University Press, 2014.Freight Transport Regulation: Equity, Efficiency and Competition in the Rail and Trucking Industries, with A. F. Friedlaender, M.I.T. Press, 1981.Econometric Estimation of Cost Functions for the Regulated Transportation Industries,Garland Publishing, Inc., 1979

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